The First PaperLove Alumni Workshop was a joyful affair. The buzz of meeting and making real-life PaperLovers for a whole weekend was amazing.


Preparations and accumulations took a while…Of course there were goody bags. We met on Friday evening for bubbles, badge-making and animated introductions.


Annie’s luscious paper hearts.


Here’s one I prepared earlier….ready to bind with thick waxed red linen thread.


Ruth filled her pages with flowing text.


Rose and Jo getting hearty.


The weekend was punctuated by short breaks for nourishment and liquid refreshment. Mmm…


What better way to celebrate a PaperLove convivium than creating a binding with heart shaped stitching?

The paper used is a luscious heavyweight Somerset Velvet in ‘Newsprint’, with insert sections in Stockwell Cartridge, both from my favourite paper purveyors; John Purcell.


Once the paper has been cut down to size, the opportunity for all-over inkery is upon us….


…and collage…


…making use of the vast variety of paper treasures that each PaperLover has brought to swap/share/incorporate.


Ruth brought a bumper bag of stamps for us: Fantastic!


And Sue somehow managed to bring not one but two incredible ledgers!


Here are Sandie’s texturised papers drying out, after she had worked on them the previous night in a campervan.

Oh yes, these PaperLovers are an inventive, industrious, generous lot.


Sally surrendered to stationery and map urges in an envelope frenzy.


More inkery from Ruth.


The chapter in which we learn how easy it is to stitch a section in the wrong way, and how hearts come in all shapes and sizes. Followed by group euphoria at this little library of exquisite spines.


Sunday morning began with collating the paper samples (maps, prints, drawings, envelope interiors etc) that each alumnus had collected: It was a flurry of hands and hues. We bound a very limited edition, unique to the weekend.


After one-to-one tutorials, covering a multitude of issues, from developing personal style, to chocolate teabags (Yes really, from Hotel Chocolat…zero calories…Thanks Sally!)


…the weekend continued with much experimentation and investigation. We needed another week at least… The pain of packing up was mitigated by glittering cupcakes and warm hugs.


I asked for heart-shaped testimonials


…and received a flutter of mixed-media works of art.

Huge thanks to Paul Furneaux for the loan ofย  studio, Barbie Lyon for set up and eternal support, Sarah Morton for baking and always knowing the answer, Sarah Clark for rounding up and transportation, and Jane Massey for photography


Thank you PaperLovers for your enthusiasm and commitment to the best medium in the world!

*This workshop is only open to those who have signed up for the PaperLove e-course.*

You haven’t? Oh, the next run starts on October 5th – Register here for five weeks of full on paper passion!

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