Sometimes on Shetland you get all weathers in one day. This year there was sleet on arrival at the ferry, and then this big blue sky at the lighthouse!

We’re perched on the edge of Bressay Sound, looking North across to Lerwick.

The further you climb up the hill, the easier it is to see the heart-shaped natural arch…Such an inspiring place.

Everybody’s room was labelled.

Goody bags waited on the studio pew.

On the first day we measured, marked and stitched these one, two and three section bindings.

There’s something SO satisfying about stitching paper.

Books and bits on the window sill.

Here’s where we worked.

Helen made a bespoke stamp for the workshop – amazing!

Jill’s Five Fish book is a gem!

Winifred printed glorious boat shapes using lo-tech cardboard collagraphs.

Helen read island poetry to us!

There was time for foraging and fossicking. (And lots of cake….but no photographic evidence of that. Not even crumbs.)

It’s rather distracting when the Coastguard helicopter on exercise dangles a winchman down on to the rocks in front of you. Isn’t the propeller pattern on the surface of the sea amazing?

Denyce’s desk of delights.

Claire’s nautical notations.

The un-waxed coloured linen thread (from Shepherd’s) required running through this fragrant block of beeswax before using.

Saturday night is Shetland Salmon Night. Thank you Dave for the freshest fish.

Constructing custom-sized slipcases involves a certain amount of precision.

Made to fit, perfectly. I am very proud of each and every one’s attention to detail.

The skeleton of a slip case. Made from the most delicious Zaanschbord paper from a Dutch windmill.

Helen’s DIY poetics.

Ah the end came too soon.

Bressay Bindings all encased.

VERY touched by this fabulous Thank-You card, which buoyed up my spirits when everyone had gone.

A lighthouse is an extraordinary place to make books.

With thanks to the Shetland Amenity Trust, Emma Gibson, The Peerie Shop, Kit & Ewen, June & Bernard, The Handmade Fish Co. and all who ferried and flew to be there.

Exceptional gratitude to Winifred, for feeding us so very well.







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