There is a dreamy magazine, filled with papery mindfulness, called Flow. This is the latest International edition (You can have a peek at my house inside!)

This year, in a splendid collaboration, Flow have created a workshop space at Snorfabriek. It’s this way!

Here is one small part of Snorfabriek: You can see that Annemarieke Piers and Claudette Halkesare are  magic-makers, can’t you?! They also publish cool books.

In my room at Mother Goose Hotel, I put the finishing touches to the Map of My Heart workshop goody bags…

…sealed with neon orange ribbon!

We began by folding a series of books containing different map elements.

Including compass rose details,

and a word map!

Busy in the Flow Kas, surrounded with art materials and friendly conversation.

Fuelled by Tony’s Chocolonely, of course.

Jen gifted these vintage postcards to each of us.

Using a fantastic array of Flow paper goodies, we made map folds…

…into composite wonders!

In glorious technicolour

…and elegant monotone.

Then we explored emotional landscapes

…finding ways to chart and navigate.

With words and windows.

Powerful imagery

Incredible intricacy

and luminescent pigment that made our universe glow.

Bound in beautiful packages

Impressive productivity

Finishing with a round-the-world show + tell!

Thank you Flow, all at Snorfabriek, especially Annemarieke Piers, you Heart Mappers, and all those who appreciate the fact that, because the Miffy Museum is shut on Mondays, i’ll have to go back to Utrecht...










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