Student Gallery and Testimonials

Please find below some beautiful creations from the e-course students and testimonials on taking the PaperLove e-course. {click on images to view larger}

Astounding! I’ve been a workshop and retreat facilitator for 25 years. I can’t express how absolutely beautifully organized, comprehensive, educational, and inspirationally presented this course was. Truly stellar!

Dana Reynolds

I look at paper differently now. The content was varied and would interest different people at different levels of their experience.

Helen Gibbs

Lots of different experiences with paper that expand ideas and pleasure.

Sandie Cottee

Rachel is really supportive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  A complete expert in her field who is willing to share and encourage everybody else.

Jo Caskie

Loved Rachel.  Approachable, attentive and obviously totally loves and knows her subject.

Susan Hague

There was something to look forward to every day. The daily posts led to other links, and ideas, which is always interesting and inspiring. The content was perfect, beginning with information, then putting it all into practice.

Denyce Aresti

Being able to watch and listen to Rachel was almost the same as having her as a teacher in person! Rachel is so enthusiastic about her work, and makes it look so easy.

Denyce Aresti

A delightful course covering the many spectrums of paper & paper art.

Julia Prohaska

Really helpful, illuminating, detailed and much more content than I expected.

Jo Gosney

Rachel is brilliant! Being with her online felt as if she was teaching right here in my studio. She has a way of connecting online that is truly extraordinary

Dana Reynolds

Excellent both in the flesh and on screen, Rachel’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Sue Leslie

Amazing! The PDFs were so generous! I anticipate using them again & again to revisit the creative exercises!

Julia Prohaska

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