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Next run: September 2017

The course unfolds over five weeks and includes step-by-step instruction on the creation of over 20 paper projects including folded and stitched books, boxes, and unusual ideas, perfect for ingenious presents using easily-available resources.

Each week has a theme; Paper, Collage, Words, Books and Mail. Rachel provides plenty of inspiration for how you might fill the pages of your creations whether with words, images or other acts of imagination.

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A creative journey with paper.

PaperLove will take you on a roller coaster of paper discovery, whether you are just starting out or an experienced enthusiast.

‘I believe that everybody has a some kind of book inside them – the workshops that I’ve taught all round the world have mostly been about getting those books OUT even if that means a one-liner or no words at all. The power of paper is amazing!”

Join Rachel for five weeks of exploration, making beautiful paper projects using easy-to-get-hold-of materials and fool-proof techniques. Paper is all around us. This course inspires you to find out all that paper can do.

Paperlove is a mix of creative projects using a range of techniques from book-binding to origami, collage to calligraphy, with plenty of opportunities for self-expression and exploration through personal reflection. Each week is themed: Paper, Collage, Word, Book and Mail. You’ll be introduced to new ideas with step-by step instructions via online videos and downloadable printouts, with the chance to share your discoveries and personal knowledge with an international community.

Read inspiring interviews with experts including Claudine Hellmuth and Monica Dengo. Delve into the curious history of pens or the postal system. Discover new artists and send beautiful letters to the like-minded friends you’ll make through the private PaperLove Facebook group.


“I’m totally lost & immersed in both the practical tasks of papering whilst enjoying the articles, artists and other things you link to. I love intellect and ideas as much as making – all of it reminding me how much I relish being part of a like-minded community. It’s made more special because your sharing is like a personal peek into the amazing world of Rachel Hazell and it’s so interesting. –Amelia Critchlow

PaperLove participant


“Soooooo many wonderful ideas floating around in my brain all at once! This course has me giddy with possibilities!” -Karen Grace

PaperLove participant